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Company History

Apple Valley Natural Foods, Inc., located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, is a full-service natural foods store which is exclusively vegetarian.


Founded in 1919, it was originally located in the basement of the married student housing dormitory at Emmanuel Missionary College and was called The College Supply Store. It was owned and operated by the college and provided groceries and vegetarian food products to the faculty, staff and attending students. Its primary goals were to promote principles for healthy living and to provide employment for students to defray tuition costs.

In 1960 the college was renamed Andrews University to commemorate the addition of a graduate and seminary program to its curriculum. In 1975 the university moved the business to its present location, a 50,000-plus square foot facility located on US 31. In the late 1980’s five additional natural food stores were added, operating throughout Michigan and Illinois.

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In 1998 Andrews University elected to sell Apple Valley to private ownership. Our commitment remains to preserve the traditions, philosophy and health message of its original founders.

Today we operate six stores in two states and remain focused on that original mission to support our customers' health through the food choices they make.

Within our flagship store in Berrien Springs, Michigan, you will also find a Gold Crown Hallmark store, a full-service floral shop, a café and full-service hot deli. And don’t forget our baked-from-scratch breads!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring our valued customers excellence in food and nutritional products, knowledge and customer service to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

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We continue to promote health and wellness by encouraging the virtues of a vigorous and active lifestyle, supported by the original vegetarian diet, rich in servings of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains.

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